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9/1/13 — Today marks the release of my fourth book, “Power: How J.D. Power III Became the Auto Industry’s Adviser, Confessor, and Eyewitness to History,” which I co-authored with excellent editor and collaborator Sarah Morgans. It was a pleasure to write this “uniquely American success story” and trace the history of the American auto industry from the last 50 years. Check out the Wall Street Journal review (behind a paywall) and Publisher’s Weekly review.

Power book

Looks great in the car — but no reading while driving.

4/3/13 — My busy spring continues with new Cool Season Gardener events listed around the region, from the Sammamish Public Library to Sustainable Ballard’s “Gardening 101″ day to Christianson’s Nursery in the Skagit Valley to Dennis’ 7 Dees Landscaping & Garden Centers in Portland. Whew. Check out my Events page for the details, and join me at an upcoming talk.

2/9/13 — Cool Season Gardener is out! The great folks at Skipstone Books went the extra mile and had copies of the book shipped overnight from the printer so that we could have them for my talk at the Yard, Garden & Patio Show today. It was great to premiere the book in Portland before a large audience. Thank you for your support!

2/4/13 — If you live near the Skagit Valley, come see me at a fun workshop I’m planning with Charley’s Greenhouse & Garden in Mt. Vernon. The Charley’s folks will be doing a segment on starting seeds, then I’ll do a show-and-tell about using season extension and building your soil. We’ll have books available for sale, as well as all the great season extension tools and supplies sold in their store.

1/11/13 — We’ve finalized the dates for my series of edible gardening classes at City People’s Garden Store in Seattle’s Madison Valley. The five-class series begins with Early Season Veggies on March 9, then Soil Building for Vegetables on March 16. There will also be two classes in April: Season Extension and Hoop Houses on April 6, then Growing Great Tomatoes on April 27. The final class will be Fall & Winter Veggies on June 29. These classes are FREE! but you must register in advance at

12/15/12 — San Francisco, here I come! I’ve been invited back for a fourth year to speak at the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show. My topic will of course connect to my new book and will be titled Cool Season Edibles for Our Climate: Plan Ahead and Expand Your Skills to Grow Year Round. It will be Sunday, March 24 at noon, and the show is held at the San Mateo Events Center. Plan your visit at

11/28/12 — How much ink does your font take? According to Consumer Reports, your font choice can save you money. The December 2012 issue did a comparison of office printers, and along with it was a comparison of ink usage between Ariel, Calibri (Microsoft Word default font) and Times New Roman. Using 12 point size for each font, they got 27% more pages printed in Times New Roman and 23% more printed in Calibri than printing in Ariel.

Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial Fonts

Another tip – one that I use all the time: print in “draft mode.” Typically this is half the quality (300 dpi vs. 600, for instance) and it still comes out readable for research notes, article drafts, book edits in process, etc.

11/15/12 — My gardening presentation has been confirmed at the Yard, Garden & Patio Show in Portland. I will be speaking on Friday, Feb. 8, 1-2 p.m. on the topic of Cool Season Edibles.

Book signing

11/1/12 — Help me celebrate my new book at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. The seminar schedule has been released, and I will be speaking on Sunday, Feb. 24 at 12:15 p.m. My topic: Four Season Eats: Cool Season Edibles Offer Year Round Feasts.

7/1/12 – launches. In anticipation of the new book–to be published in early 2013–a companion website,, was launched today. Check back regularly for blog posts on growing food year round.

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