Here are a few of my recent articles that are available online. Hope you enjoy them!

Local Malts for Local Beer: Skagit Barley Coming to Your Glass — PCC Sound Consumer


Tour Seattle by Bicycle, or an e-Bike to Help on the Hills — Seattle Times


Breeding Better Organic Produce Locally — PCC Sound Consumer

Take Train to Vancouver, Then Cycle Home to Seattle — The Seattle Times

Plotting Your Plat: This Year, Use Crop Rotation for Fertility and Pest Control — Edible Seattle

… and some from previous years:

Wild Abandon: Letting Your Edibles Go To Seed — Edible Seattle

Seattle’s Food Action Plan — PCC Sound Consumer

Cycle to adventure on five big bridges — The Seattle Times

Question for urban farmers: to bee? — PCC Sound Consumer

Tomatoes from another time: heirloom veggies take gardeners back to their roots — Seattle Met

Plan now for a bike tour of the Oregon coast — Seattle Times

Bike to work: how to survive Seattle’s hills — Crosscut

Photographer Profile: David Muench — Encounters With the West — PhotoMedia

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